5 Brand-New Series You Shouldn’t Miss This July

Anthony Hopkins in
Anthony Hopkins in "Those About to Die"

If you’re always in the mood to add some new shows to your watch list, we’re here with some amazing new suggestions. From historic epics to black comedies, this July is bringing many amazing shows our way, and here are five that you shouldn’t miss.

Sunny (Apple TV+, July 10)

Rashida Jones leads this dark comedy as an American woman living in Japan, who uses the help of a domestic robot to solve the mysterious disappearance of her husband and son.

Exploding Kittens (Netflix, July 12)

Inspired by the popular card game of the same name, Exploding Kittens explores the eternal fight between good vs. evil through the tale of God and the Devil, who’ve been sent to Earth as housecats.

Those About to Die (Peacock, July 18)

If you’re always in the mood for an amazing historical epic, this one stars Anthony Hopkins and it will take you back to the time when gladiators fought for life, glory, and freedom in Ancient Rome.

Lady in the Lake (Apple TV+, July 19)

Led by Natalie Portman, Lady in the Lake centers on a Jewish housewife on her path to reinvent herself as an investigative journalist by trying to get to the bottom of two unsolved murder cases.

Time Bandits (Apple TV+, July 24)

Based on Terry Gilliam’s film of the same name, Time Bandits centers on a young history nerd who embarks on a journey through time and space with a ragtag group of thieves after discovering a time-traveling portal in his bedroom.