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Since 2017, the team here at Watching TV Now has been binging something pretty much non-stop. And as much as we love TV, we love sharing our thoughts on it with our readers even more. We’ve started this site with the goal to share the latest news on binge-worthy shows and with time we evolved into a more newsy outlet with all the latest casting news, new trailers, reviews, cancellations, awards, and so on.

With celebrity culture taking center stage in more recent years, it’s important for us not to fall into the trap of gossip and yellow journalism and instead, stick to the more industry-related side of showbiz. This also means we are not here to be haters, and we believe in sharing and spreading positivity.

At Watching TV Now, we believe in an honest debate and honestly think that each article is the beginning of the story. Let us know what you think about our articles! Contact us at [email protected]