6 Netflix Shows With Fantastic LGBTQ Storylines

Aaron Paul as Todd Chavez in "Bojack Horseman"

In 2020, LGBTQ+ representation has never been better. More and more shows are choosing to enhance the writing with the help of a more inclusive cast. Here are six shows that explore LGBTQ+ storylines that you can binge on Netflix right now.

Sex Education

Sex Education explores all kinds of relationships. As well as answering important questions about gay sex and gender identity, season two also looks at the possibilities of asexual relationships too.

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Queer Eye

Queer Eye is an LGBTQ staple. The colorful cast of eccentrics are continuously entertaining to watch and the people they help on the show are all wonderful in their own way.

American Horror Story

Charlie Brooker’s American Horror Story has had excellent LGBTQ representation from the get-go. Sarah Paulson often takes on LGBT roles including the powerful Lana Winters and Ally Mayfair-Richards.

Bojack Horseman

In the later seasons of Bojack Horseman, we get to learn more about Todd and his complex relationship with his asexuality.

Orange Is The New Black

The Netflix original Orange Is The New Black is known for its unsubtle approach to lesbian relationships. The show’s treatment Sophia Bursett sparked many important debates about the treatment of trans inmates in American prisons.


Riverdale is one of the most popular teen dramas on Netflix. It is praised for its fair portrayal of LGBTQ characters and many of the main characters come out as gay over the course of the show.