6 Shows To Watch If You Like Your Super Humans With A Side Of Moral Ambiguity

Antony Starr in "The Boys"

We associate superhero shows with the ultimate battle between good and evil. The hero knows right from wrong and has a strong moral compass. But superpowers do not always make a hero, as these morally ambiguous TV series shows.


When Liv Moore returns from a boat party as a zombie, she wants nothing more than to resist her flesh-eating desires. She soon discovers that snacking on the brains of victims of murders unknowingly gives her memories of the deceased. It’s a superpower that turns her into an unlikely psychic detective.

The Umbrella Academy

Seven kids with superpowers are adopted by a billionaire who believes they can save the world. As they grow up, the family fractures and the divergent powers make them the problem rather than the solution.

American Horror Story: Coven

When you get a coven of powerful witches, there are bound to be a few bad apples. It’s just unclear who is fighting for what side.


When a freak electrical storm hits, it changes the lives of five young offenders forever. These teens now have to deal with the realities of having superpowers. One of these realities is having to fight off a boy with the power to manipulate milk.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is a Marvel Netflix collaboration with an uncharacteristically dark protagonist. Her superhero career ends abruptly after a tragic accident, and she drinks heavily to try and forget the trauma. Jessica is not always led by a strong moral compass, but the adventures that unfold have a gripping storyline.  

The Boys

The latest superhero series to join Amazon Prime explores what happens when a group of superheroes decides to use their powers for self-gain rather than philanthropy. If you thought Iron Man was bad, think again.