BBC & Showtime are Bringing “Dreaming Whilst Black” for Another Season

Adjani Salmon in
Adjani Salmon in "Dreaming Whilst Black"

BBC and Showtime joined forces for the acclaimed British comedy Dreaming Whilst Black, and they’re bringing it back for another round. Adjani Salmon‘s series will officially return for its second season after BBC and Showtime gave it a green light.

Adjani Salmon co-wrote Dreaming Whilst Black alongside Ali Hughes, and he leads the cast in the role of Kwabena, an aspiring filmmaker struggling to chase his dream after getting stuck in a dead-end recruitment job.

BBC comedy boss Jon Petrie discussed the show’s renewal with Deadline and said they’re proud to partner up with Big Deal and A24 for another season of this series.

“It’s really important to have a breadth of shows that speak to all audiences. If you’re a license fee payer and you go on the BBC comedy page, you need to see something that relates to you,” said Petrie.

Salmon also addressed the show’s renewal, saying that the response so far has been “overwhelmingly loving, raucous, and humbling”, and added he’s pleased to get the chance to entertain the Dreaming Whilst Black fans again.

In addition to Salmon in the lead role, the cast of this comedy also includes Dani Moseley, Jo Martin, Demmy Ladipo, Rachel Adedeji, Babirye Bukilwa, Martina Laird, and Roger Griffiths.