“Dave” Paused After Three Seasons as Lil Dicky Pursues Other Projects

Dave Burd in
Dave Burd in "Dave"

Dave Burd, aka Lil Dicky, has given us three seasons of his FXX series Dave, but he’s ready to pump the breaks. Dave won’t be back for Season 4 after its creator and star decided to pause the work on this series to focus on other creative endeavors.

Dave centers on a fictionalized version of Lil Dicky, as he tries to balance his personal and professional life while pursuing his dream of becoming the biggest hip-hop star of his generation. In addition to leading the series, Burd also created it alongside Curb Your Enthusiasm executive producer and director Jeff Schaffer.

He described the process of making this series as a dream come true, but he decided to pause it for the foreseeable future because there are other creative ventures that he’s dying to pursue.

“For the past 5 years, I’ve poured every fiber of my being into the show, and after three amazing seasons, this feels like a good time to press pause to give myself the bandwidth to do some of the other things I have always wanted to do,” said Burd in a statement.

FXX spokesman confirmed that the series is on hiatus for now, but added they’re not riling out the possibility of continuing this story in the future.