David Schwimmer Responds To “Friends” Reunion Rumors

David Schwimmer has responded to the latest rumors that a Friends reunion is on the cards.

In the TV world, there are two things that are always certain. First, Phoebe-Waller Bridge will dominate award season, and second, there will be rumors circulating that the Friends cast are going to reunite.

This year, however, it seems like a reunion may actually be on the cards. Chandler actor Mathew Perry recently hinted that “big news” is on its way. There have also been reports that the cast have signed on for a reunion special. Now, Schwimmer has added more ambiguity to the case.

Schwimmer appeared on The One Show to promote his new show Intelligence. Typically, Alex Jones took the opportunity to seek more information about the latest Friends rumors.

“First of all, I’m so glad I finally get to answer this question,” Schwimmer said. “I really wish I could confirm or deny. There’s nothing official to report.”

When he answered, Jones picked up on Swchwimmer’s suspicious smile and joked: “I’m looking at your eyes and I’m thinking, maybe it’ll be good news.”

So no, there’s nothing official to report in regards to a Friends reunion but yes, we are hopeful that it will happen.