Fox Is Interested In a “Firefly” Revival

Adam Baldwin, Nathan Fillion, and Gina Torres in "Firefly"

Fox is open to bringing back Joss Whedon’s cult sci-fi series Firefly.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon produced the sci-fi drama Firefly in 2002. Only 25 episodes of the show aired in total and, as a result, fans have been eager for more.

Recently, executive producer Tim Menear shared a photo on Twitter of the final day of shooting on the set of the original Firefly. This has since prompted fans to start asking again whether a revival is on the cards. And apparently, it may well be.

Speaking with The Wrap, Fox’s President of Entertainment Michael Thorn has spoken out about the real possibility of a revival.

“The macro answer is, any time we look at one of our classic titles, if there’s a way to reinvent it for today, so it’s as resonant now as the original was, and is, to the fans, we’re wide open,” Thorn explained.

“I loved Firefly, personally, and I watched every episode. I didn’t work on it, but I loved the show,” he continued. “It had come up before, but we had The Orville on the air, and it didn’t make sense for us to have, as a broadcast network who is very targeted, to have two space franchises on our air.”

“But it’s a good idea,” he added.

Essentially, if you are or were a fan of Firefly, watch this space!