“GLOW” Stars are Asking for a Movie After Cancelation & It Makes Sense

Marianna Palka, Jackie Tohn, Alison Brie, Sydelle Noel, Betty Gilpin, Ellen Wong, and Gayle Rankin in "GLOW"

It’s been over a week since Netflix reversed the renewal of GLOW, citing the COVID-19 pandemic as the cause of the show’s ultimate cancelation. Fans of the beloved show are still enraged by this decision, and they’re urging Netflix to wrap up the GLOW story with a follow-up movie.

This idea actually makes a lot of sense, and here are a few reasons why the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling deserve to ride off into the sunset in the wrap-up movie.

Fan Petition

Marc Maron was the first who floated the idea of wrapping GLOW up with a movie and encouraged fans to join the #SaveGLOW petition. His co-stars quickly got on board and agreed they would come back if the movie ever happened.

Continuing GLOW Story

The beloved wrestling dramedy ended with a major cliffhanger and that’s why fans are desperate for a proper ending. Seasons of GLOW usually consisted of ten 30-minute episodes and a movie would give the showrunners enough time to give Ruth, Debbie, and the rest of the ladies a proper send-off.

Follow-Up Movies

If GLOW got the movie to wrap up its story, it wouldn’t be the first show to do so—not even on Netflix. Transparent, Sense8, and Breaking Bad are only some of the shows that were followed by the movies that helped the characters, actors, and fans move on, and GLOW deserves the same kind of treatment.