HBO Announces Shocking Cancelation of “Westworld” After Four Seasons

James Marsden and Evan Rachel Wood in
James Marsden and Evan Rachel Wood in "Westworld"

It’s been a few months since Season 4 of Westworld premiered on HBO and it will now serve as the final chapter of this story. In a shocking decision that no one saw coming, the network decided to cancel the critically acclaimed dystopian sci-fi drama after four seasons.

HBO announced the show’s cancelation in an official statement and said it was a thrill to join their partners at Kilter Films, Bad Robot, and Warner Bros. Television on this journey.

“Over the past four seasons, Lisa and Jonah have taken viewers on a mind-bending odyssey, raising the bar at every step. We are tremendously grateful to them, along with their immensely talented cast, producers and crew, and all of our partners,” reads HBO’s statement.

The show’s cancelation came as quite a shocker for the show’s fans and creators, who hoped they’ll get the chance to wrap up Westworld’s ambitious story in Season 5. It’s even been reported that the show’s core cast will be paid for Season 5 despite the show’s cancelation because they had pay-or-play deals with the network.

The dystopian science fiction series premiered on HBO in 2016 and it was one of the tentpoles of their programming. Westworld took us inside a high-tech-powered Wild-West-themed amusement park where wealthy guests could indulge in their wildest fantasies with the park’s android hosts.