HBO Teases “The Penguin” With a Brand-New Trailer

Colin Farrell in
Colin Farrell in "The Penguin"

The Penguin is one the most exciting new shows coming to Max this year, and tensions are running high in the new teaser. Colin Farrell returns as the Penguin, and he’s ready to do whatever it takes to rule the Gotham underworld.

The Penguin kicks off weeks after the events of The Batman and sees Farrell returning as Oswald “Oz” Cobblepot aka the Penguin. He’s determined to use the death of Carmine Falcone to its advantage and fill the void he left behind to become one of Gotham’s most formidable villains.

The Penguin is set in the same universe as Matt Reeves’ The Batman starring Robert Pattinson, and its director will serve as one of the show’s executive producers. Reeves joins Farrell, creator/showrunner Lauren LeFranc, and director Craig Zobel, who also serve as EPs.

In addition to Farrell, The Penguin also stars Cristin Milioti as Carmine Falcone’s daughter Sofia, Michael Zegen as Carmine’s son Alberto, Clancy Brown as the former top gangsters Salvatore Maroni, plus Rhenzy Feliz, Michael Kelly, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Deirdre O’Connell, Carmen Ejogo, François Chau, and David H. Holmes in supporting roles.

The Penguin will feature a total of eight episodes, and it will debut on Max this September.