Kit Harington Plays Troubled Tech Gury in the “Industry” Season 3 Trailer

Kit Harington in “Industry”
Kit Harington in “Industry”

Industry is coming back for its third season this summer, with one major addition to the cast. Game of Thrones star Kit Harington will join HBO’s acclaimed series in Season 3, and the new trailer sees him play a troubled green tech energy guru looking for his next big challenge.

Industry is set in the cutthroat world of finance, and it centers on the trials and tribulations of a group of young bankers trying to make a name for themselves within the pressure cooker environment of the London office of international bank Pierpoint & Co.

Kit Harington will join them in Season 3, as Sir Henry Muck, the CEO of a green tech energy company Lumi. His company will be involved in the splashy IPO, and several Pierpoint bankers will do everything in their power to get their foot in the door.

Myha’la, Marisa Abela, Harry Lawtey, Ken Leung, Conor MacNeill, Sagar Radia, Indy Lewis, Adam Levy, Sarah Parish, Trevor White, Elena Saurel, and Irfan Shamji are some of the cast members returning in Season 3. Harington is one of the newcomers, alongside Sarah Goldberg, Miriam Petche, Andrew Havill, Roger Barclay, Fady Elsayed, and Fiona Button.

Industry will return for its third season on HBO on August 11.