Let’s Recap: “Better Call Saul” Season Four

Better Call Saul returns tonight (February 23) for season five. Let’s recap on where things were left off in season four.

Jimmy Is Now Saul Goodman

In season four, Jimmy reveals that he has been practicing law under the name Saul Goodman. In the subtly shocking season finale, we realize that Jimmy has made the transition from morally ambiguous to breaking bad.

The Superlab Is Almost Ready

Season four revealed how Gus managed to build an entire meth superlab without getting caught. There may be complications arising with the Salamancas, but so far, things are looking pretty good for Breaking Bad’s kingpin Gus Fring.

Hector Is Out The Game

At the end of season three, we saw Gus and Nacho plant pseudo-pills on Hector Salamanca. In season four, we see him in the vegetable state that he is in during his time on Breaking Bad.

There’s A New Player In Town

Season four introduced Lalo Salamanca, a zany cartel member doing Hector’s biddings. He spent most of his screen-time tailing Mike Ehrmantraut, who always seems to be one step ahead. We are confident we will be seeing more of him in the season to come.

Mike Kills Werner

Mike is one of the more sympathetic characters on the show. He may be a skilled hitman, but he does what he does with his granddaughter in mind. When Mike kills Werner, we see him move a step closer to the ice-cold hitman we see in Breaking Bad.