“Love Island” to Move From Fiji to Los Vegas

Love Island cast at the OK! Magazine Fashion Week Party in 2019. Photo by Aurora Rose/OK! Magazine/Shutterstock (10406436cq)

Last summer we finally got the U.S. addition of the U.K. show Love Island and since Summer 2020 started, we’ve been waiting to hear when the second season would be airing.

Due to the coronavirus, the show which takes place on an island, hence the name, was set to air on May 21 but it was put on hold. Season 2 will be coming back shortly, just not on an island. According to sources, production crew and the contestants will be required to quarantine before shooting starts and testing will continue throughout production. The crew members will work from pods to maintain social distancing.

Pre-production on the reality show has started in a Las Vegas hotel and CBS is hoping the season will be ready to air near the end of summer. This means that CBS will be airing two of it’s biggest reality shows in late summer—Big Brother is also set to premiere in late summer.

The first season of Love Island was shot in Fiji and it was hosted by Arielle Vandenberg. The show features a group of singles who come to an island and are asked to couple up or get dumped from the villa. The islanders have challenges and new arrivals come each episode to tempt the islanders and the relationships they’ve developed.

Love Island was renewed by CBS last August and it was broadcast five nights a week.