“Orange Is The New Black” Showcases Feminism

Image by @ Tilted Productions / IMDB

Orange is the New Black continues to break gender barriers and crush stereotypes. The nearly all-female cast and lead female roles swept the world of binge-watchers and proved what women are capable of.

Strong Women Empower Women

The downfall of feminism in television is usually the way females interact. Often times they are in competition for a man and try to tear each other down instead of empowering one another.

Natasha Lyonne, who plays Nicky on the show, said just the same thing about the cast. “There’s enough space for all of us to shine. It’s not me versus you; it’s me with you and how to grow together.”

We Can Do It

Females are finally starting to play more than the damsel in distress role in movies. Nowadays, we want strong female characters, and we set a standard for movies that pass the Bechdel test.

Orange is the New Black became a subtle force for good in the need for feminism in media. Displaying a racially diverse group of all females was almost unheard of until the show came out in 2013. It continues to prove the power of females in modern day society and push progressive initiatives.