Original Cast is Returning for “Everybody Hates Chris” Animated Revival

Tyler James Williams in
Tyler James Williams in "Everybody Hates Chris"

The beloved 2000s sitcom Everybody Hates Chris is returning as an animated series, and we’ll get to hear some familiar voices once it comes back. Chris Rock is returning as a narrator, and Terry Crews and Tichina Arnold also agreed to voice their characters from the original show.

The animated reboot titled Everybody Still Hates Chris was first announced in 2022, but we haven’t gotten any news about it ever since. CBS Studios, Chris Rock Enterprises, and 3 Arts Entertainment developed this project for Comedy Central, and they’re finally determined to make it happen.

Terry Crews and Tichina Arnold, who played Chris’ parents in the original series, will reprise their roles in the animated version. Tim Johnson Jr. will voice the young Chris, described as “a nerd who wants to be cool but he’s outshined by his younger brother, tortured by his little sister, and foiled by his cheapskate dad.”

The voice cast will also include Ozioma Akagha as Chris’ feisty younger sister Tonya, Terrence Little Gardenhigh as his younger brother and family’s golden child Drew, and Gunnar Sizemore as Chris’ best friend Greg.

Everybody Hates Chris originally aired on UPN and The CW for four seasons, and it’s loosely based on Chris Rock’s upbringing in Brooklyn.