Rob Lowe Gets “Unstable” in Season 2 Trailer of His Netflix Comedy

Rob Lowe in “Unstable”
Rob Lowe in “Unstable”

Netflix’s series Unstable is a true family affair, and Rob Lowe and his son John Owen Lowe will soon return for Season 2. The first trailer for the show’s second season is here, and it spotlights the succession drama between the leading duo.

Rob Lowe leads Unstable as Ellis Dragon, an eccentric CEO and founder of a successful biotech company. Season 1 saw him reconnect with his estranged socially awkward son Jackson while coping with the death of his wife.

Season 1 wrapped up with Ellis being removed from the board of his own company, but he won’t take this defeat lying down. The new season will see him finally facing his usurpers, one of whom just happens to be Jackson, who’s trying to figure out if he has what it takes to succeed him as the heir to the Dragon empire.

Rob and John Owen Lowe serve as co-creators and executive producers of this series, and they told Tudum, “It’s a dream come true for us to jump back into the world of Unstable. Here’s to Season 2 and the many hours of family therapy that we will need along the way.”

In addition to the leading duo, Unstable also stars Sian Clifford, Aaron Branch, Rachel Marsh, and Emma Ferreira. It will return to Netflix for Season 2 on August 1.