Starz Drops First Trailer for Royal Drama “Mary & George”

Julianne Moore and Nicholas Galitzine in
Julianne Moore and Nicholas Galitzine in "Mary & George"

Mary & George is one of the most exciting new shows coming to Starz this spring, and its first trailer promises heaps of royal intrigue. Julianne Moore and Nicholas Galitzine lead the way as a mother-daughter duo, who schemed their way to the top of King James I’s royal court.

Starz’s official synopsis describes Mary & George as an audacious historical psychodrama based on a scandalous true story about a treacherous mother and son who schemed, seduced, and killed to conquer the Court of England and the bed of King James I.

In addition to Moore as Lady Mary Villers, the Countess of Buckingham, Nicholas Galitzine as her son George Villiers, and Tony Curran as King James I, this series will also star Laurie Davidson, Nicola Walker, Niamh Algar, Trine Dyrholm, Sean Gilder, and Adrian Rawlins in supporting roles.

Mary & George was created by D. C. Moore, who adapted it from Benjamin Woolley’s non-fiction book The King’s Assassin. Oliver Hermanus, Alex Winckler, and Florian Cossen came on board as directors.

Mary & George will premiere on Sky Atlantic on March 5 in the UK before heading to Starz on April 5 in the U.S., and it will consist of seven episodes.