The 5 Best TV Shows You Finally Have Time to Watch

There have been tons of recent television shows, but many of them don’t stand up to classics that came out years or even decades ago. Now that you have lots of time on your hands, you can finally watch those long-running television series you didn’t have time for. All of these picks can be streamed so get your popcorn ready and start watching these gems.

Game Of Thrones

Are you still wondering what all the hype is about? It’s never too late to dive into the world of Westeros. The blockbuster-level production value and special effects, amazing cast, shocking twists, and complex characters make Game of Thrones a series that will captivate your attention throughout its eight seasons.

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Breaking Bad

Bryan Cranston proves his acting chops through Walter White’s evolution into a completely unrecognizable person by the end of the series. White goes from a boring high school chemistry teacher to the meth kingpin and stone-cold killer known as Heisenberg. The show’s full of cliffhangers and gut-wrenching moments which makes it a great show to binge.

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The Wire

This groundbreaking series is a look into Baltimore’s drug scene as well as an examination of the failure’s of America’s institutions. Throughout its five season run, the crime drama told a different story in each season and introduced iconic characters like Michael K. Williams’ stickup man Omar Little, Idris Elba’s drug kingpin Stringer Bell, and Dominic West’s homicide detective Jimmy NcNulty.


This series had one of the best storylines throughout it’s six seasons which followed survivors of a plane crash stranded on an island. The cast was large and diverse and the way their relationships and backstories unfolded was what captivated viewers.

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Lost, First Season: Main Characters

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Mad Men

This AMC drama set in 1960s New York City in the world of advertising before the time of political correctness is one of the most visually stunning shows to have aired on TV. The main cast included Jon Hamm, Cristina Hendricks, John Slattery, January Jones, and Elizabeth Moss. Hamm’s Don Draper seems to have everything—the perfect job, a beautiful wife (January Jones), and a loving family, but he still manages to be depressed and he has extramarital affairs and drinks too much. Hendricks’ Joan and Moss’ Peggy fight for gender equality in the workplace.

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