The Best Female Characters In “Mad Men”

The women in Mad Men don’t always have the best time on the show. They are too often overlooked, undermined, and cheated on by their husbands. Despite not receiving the treatment they deserve, there are still some brilliant characters on the show. Here are our favorites.

Peggy Olsen

Peggy Olsen is a determined young woman who isn’t afraid to demand the respect she is entitled to. She begins the series as Don’s secretary and ends up as an invaluable member of Don’s copywriting team.


Joan is a fiery character with a fabulous personality. She is dependable, quick-witted and knows how to get anything she wants from the men around her.

Sally Draper

Sally is a spoiled child who grows up to be a complex and daring teenager. Kiernan Shipka does a fantastic job portraying Sally, and we come to love her character more and more as the series goes on.

Betty Draper

Betty is not always the most likable character on the show, but she is an interesting one. She spends the early seasons being cheated on time and time again by Don, before she eventually decides that enough is enough and runs off with a new man.

Anna Draper

Anna is one of the purest characters on the show. She is a loving bohemian who Don cares for dearly. When she discovers that Dick Whitman is using her deceased husband’s identity, she agrees to stay married to him and keep his secret. The pair then become close friends.