“The Crown” Producer Teases Future of the Show

The Crown producer Andy Harries has hinted at the possibility of the show continuing beyond season five.

The period drama has pride of place on Netflix, which recently confirmed that the show would conclude after season five.

Now, the Sony-owned production company Left Bank Pictures has confirmed that they own the rights to the show, not Netflix. This means that there is a possibility of the show continuing beyond Netflix.

When asked by Deadline whether the series could continue beyond season five, Harries responded: “It’s quite well known that Left Bank retained the rights to The Crown… The plan is ongoing. It’s still exclusively on Netflix, and it stays there for the moment.”

Although it is a possibility that the show may continue beyond season five, it does seem unlikely.

Having said that, writer Peter Morgan previously said that he imagined the show running for six seasons. In a statement, he then said: “At the outset I had imagined The Crown running for six seasons, but now that we have begun work on the stories for season five, it has become clear to me that this is the perfect time and place to stop.”

Still, a season six is not totally ruled out. And we’ll take that for now.