The First Look at HBO’s “Euphoria” Holiday Special Will Give You Chills

Zendaya in "Euphoria"

It’s still unclear when we’re going to get the second season of Euphoria, but Zendaya and co. prepared a special surprise for us—just in time for the holidays. Two new episodes are underway, and HBO offered the first look at this highly-anticipated special.

The upcoming episode is titled “Trouble Don’t Last Always” and it’s the first of two special episodes coming our way before Season 2. It will premiere on HBO on December 6, and it’s expected to reveal Rue’s fate after season one’s dramatic finale.

Judging by the short teaser, this episode will show us what happened to Rue after Jules hopped on the train and left her behind, fleeing their hometown. It’s unclear if any of the major cast members, apart from Zendaya, will appear in this special, but the teaser also features an appearance from Colman Domingo, who plays the role of Rue’s sponsor.

“Trouble Don’t Last Always” is also expected to show Rue as she celebrates Christmas and deals with her relapse, but we’ll have to wait until Sunday to see it for ourselves. The masterminds behind Euphoria decided to surprise fans with this special due to production delays caused by COVID-19, and Zendaya previously described it as an “episode that we can do with a limited amount of people in a safer environment.”