The “Game of Thrones” Script Clears Up the Confusing Brienne and Jamie Storyline

*Major season 8 spoilers ahead*

There were many events in season eight of Game of Thrones that audiences just couldn’t quite get to grips with. From Daenery’s unexpected decision to burn down King’s Landing to Jon Snow abandoning Ghost without so much as goodbye nod, fans had a lot of scope for disappointment.

One storyline that fans have been particularly confused about, however, is the conclusion to Jamie and Brienne of Tarth’s relationship. Since they met back in season two, Brienne and Jamie had an unusual connection and an ambiguous sexual tension. In season eight, they finally had their moment of passion and fans all over the world fist-pumped as the pair climbed into bed together.

A few short hours after their coupling, Jamie heads out into the courtyard and abandons Brienne. He tells her that he is “hateful” like Cersei and that he will always choose his sister over her. Audiences have been confused over why Jamie would sleep with Brienne if he knew he was ultimately going to choose Cersei.

In their article on the Game of Thrones script, Insider has clarified that it was only after the act was done that Jamie realized he was going to choose Cersei.

The direction in the script stated: “Brienne sleeps the sleep of the happily drunk and devirginized. Jaime can’t sleep, however. He just helped save the world. So why does he feel like a traitor?”

The comments suggest that this is the moment when Jamie understands that Cersei is inevitable to him. He may have helped save the world, but he cannot leave Cersei to die alone.