The Most Exciting Moments of “Better Call Saul” Season 5

Bob Odenkirk in "Better Call Saul"

Better Call Saul season five has officially wrapped up. The season is slow, grueling, and seasoned with exciting moments of genuine suspense. Here’s a rundown of the biggest moments. Spoilers ahead.

Nacho Saves The Day

When the police raid the building where the Salamanca meth is kept, Nacho seems to be a goner. Not only does he escape in time, he actually goes back for the remaining product. The suspense is off the charts.

Mike Saves Saul

When Saul goes to pick up $7 million from the Salamanca brothers, it seems to be guaranteed that something will go wrong. When Saul gets caught up in a shootout, Mike steps in to save him.

Lalo Visits Saul and Kim

When Lalo discovers Saul’s wrecked car, he heads back to Alberquerke to have things out with Saul. The scene where Lalo, Saul, and Kim are standing around in the apartment while Mike in the background has a gun on Lalo is one of the most intense moments in the whole series.

The Epic Showdown in Mexico

In the season finale, Gus sends a group of armed assassins down to Mexico to finish off Lalo. Lalo’s death seemed to be a given until a secret underground passageway was discovered. And things just got tenser from there.