The Most Relatable and Questionably Feminist Moments On “Fleabag”

As the 2020 award season rolls in, Fleabag’s Pheobe Waller-Bridge continues to snatch up awards for her genius comedy-drama. There’s a reason the show is so well-loved among fans, and it has a lot to do with Fleabag’s relatability.

Here are some of the moments where we couldn’t help but smile at how spot-on Fleabag’s shameful truth was.

“We’re Bad Feminists”

In the first episode of the show, Fleabag attends a feminist lecture with her sister, Claire. The audience is asked who would trade five years of their life for the so-called “perfect body.” Claire and Fleabag’s hands both shoot up in the air before Waller-Bridge shamefully admits she is a “bad feminist.” But we’re all in the same boat.


One of Fleabag and Claire’s season two highlights is when Claire gets a drastic new haircut and phones her sister in tears. Fleabag ends up storming over to the hair salon and gives a fantastic speech about how hair is the difference between a good day and a bad day, concluding that hair is EVERYTHING. The salon owner responds by saying the girls should stop trying to fix their life through their hair. It’s true, but the post-breakup or crisis-of-self haircut is all too relatable.

The Quaker Meeting

In season two, Fleabag attends a Quaker meeting with Hot Priest. In the meeting, she stands up suddenly and confesses that she wonders if she would be such a feminist if she had “bigger tits.” Moments before she makes the confession, she panics because she has no idea what words are going to come out of her mouth. The feeling is all too familiar, particularly when the guy we like is sitting opposite.