The New Netflix Psychological Thriller Everyone is Freaking Out About

Looking for your next binge-worthy horrifying Netflix series? Ares is a combination of horror and cultism, and it’s the show everyone is talking about right now.

The series is based in Amsterdam and follows a medical student trying to join an exclusive cult. The mysterious society is a place of gruesome initiations, dark secrets, and a mystery basement. It’s a balance of social commentary, horror, and catharsis for your deepest, darkest psychology.

One person shared on Twitter: “ares on netflix is so f******g disturbing i can’t finish it.” Another added: “Okay, so I freaking LOVED #Aresnetflix!!! This show was 100% not what I was expecting & I seriously think it’s one of the best Netflix originals ever produced. It’s a relatively short watch, & I think you’d love it if you like horror, bomb goth aesthetics, & social commentary.”

Many Twitter users have said that they cannot even finish the show as it is too dark and disturbing. It seems that the series is certainly not for the faint of heart.

If you haven’t seen it already, you can watch the creepy trailer here.