The Quirkiest Characters of “American Horror Story”

American Horror Story is full of terrifying and horrific characters. There are psycho doctors, cannibal hillbillies, and ghosts with a love of torture. There are also some wonderfully quirky characters. This list goes out to the lovable weirdos of the bunch.

Liz Taylor

The kind-hearted transvestite Liz Taylor appears in season five of AHS. Liz takes care of the ghosts that wind up at the hotel and is proud to be their sassy, brilliant self.

Countess Elizabeth

Many of the show’s quirkier characters appear in American Horror Story: Hotel. Lady Gaga’s hypnotizing rendition of the vampire countess has got to be near the top of the list.

Myrtle Snow

Myrtle Snow is the red-haired kooky theremin-playing witch that appears in AHS: Coven and returns for AHS: Apocalypse. There are many great characters that season, but Myrtle is one of the most interesting.

The Butcher/Thomasin White

Kathy Bates’ character in AHS: Roanoake is less quirky and more bonkers. Thomasin becomes so obsessed with her character on the show she plays that she becomes a deranged murderer.


Pepper is one of the “freaks” in Elsa’s freak show. She is one of the most good-natured characters in the season and winds up in Barcliffe asylum.