The Trashiest Shows To Binge on Netflix Right Now

Screenshot from "Dating Around"

We should start by clarifying that in this instance, the term “trashy” is definitely a term of endearment. The following reality shows are charmingly cringey and perfect for binge-watching.

Too Hot To Handle

Too Hot To Handle is Netflix’s answer to Love Island. A group of attractive young singles are brought together on an island with the intention of finding love. The twist is that no physical intimacy is allowed.

Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind is a show designed to give people the chance to form a strong emotional connection. Singles search to find a match without seeing their partner face-to-face in an attempt to find love that goes deeper than physical attraction.

100% Hotter

100% Hotter is a make-under show for colorful eccentrics who are looking to tone things down and try out a more sophisticated, stylish look.

Dating Around

Dating Around is another wonderfully trashy reality show about singles looking for love. This time, the method is quantity over quality and all the singles go on five dates to increase their odds of finding “the one.”

Queer Eye

Queer Eye is one of the best shows on Netflix and by “trashy”, we definitely mean 100% stylish and emotionally life-changing. But it’s still a makeover show.

The Circle

The Circle is a British reality TV show that got snapped up by Netflix. It’s a series that is based around social media and it’s weirdly binge-worthy.


If you don’t like reality TV, it’s unlikely you have made it this far down the list. Still, for a different type of trashy, Haunted explores people’s experiences with the supernatural in the cheesiest and most ridiculous way.