“The Walking Dead” Fans Have A Theory About a Season 10 Twist

As The Walking Dead prepares for its season 10 finale, fans are speculating over what lies ahead. One popular fan theory seems to be clocking onto something we might have missed.

The conflict between Alexandria and the Whisperers seems to be building. A series of mysteries have unfolded and fans are now wondering if there could possibly be a mole within Alexandria. Their top candidate for the job? Siddiq, the doctor.

In season 9, Alpha spared the doctor in return for him relaying a message to his friends back at camp. Now, one convincing fan theory suggests that he may be working both sides in exchange for his life.

“The Whisperers are poisoning their water with the walker blood to weaken them (water Siddiq jumped in in promo),” one fan wrote on Twitter. “Negan’s bringing war to Alpha as he continues to bond with Lydia. Siddiq is Alpha’s mole as he has PTSD of killing his friends.”

Another added: “I still think he’s a mole for the Whisperers. He’s not struggling with PTSD, it’s good old fashioned guilt is driving him mad!” while a skeptical fan commented that “alpha let him [Siddiq] live so he could feed her information on when they cross her border.”

Is there any weight to the theory? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.