This is Why the “Beverly Hills 90210” Reboot Was Nixed

Last year, a reboot of Beverly Hills 90210 premiered on Fox. Unfortunately, the network canceled the reboot (titled BH90210) before it could take off.

The reboot followed the lives of the actors from the series, who were all playing themselves. Fan favorites including Tori Spelling, Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth, and Jason Priestley all returned for the reboot.

Despite the original cast returning, Fox canceled the show after one short season. As it turns out, Fox was always planning on keeping the reboot short.

“To sustain something that meta and heightened in the long-term is incredibly hard,” Fox president Michael Thorn explained. “We always kind of envisioned it as an event.

“So we felt like to do it as a short-term event where you could just catch up with these actors that you love and do something that was wildly different was a great way to honor the legacy of the show.”

Despite the show being canceled, fans started a petition last September to get a second season of BH90210. Unfortunately, their request was denied and the reboot remains a solo season special event as planned.