Writers’ Strike is Finally Over & Here’s When Our Favorite TV Shows Will Return

SAG-AFTRA members are joined by the PSA union in September 2023
SAG-AFTRA members are joined by the PSA union in September 2023. Photo by Derek French/Shutterstock (14100109a)

Writers’ strike finally ended after over five grueling months, after the studios finally reached a tentative agreement with the WGA. After countless cancelations and production delays, here’s what the future has in store for our favorite shows now that the WGA strike is over.

Daytime Shows

Daytime talk shows, such as The Drew Barrymore Show and The Kelly Clarkson Show, have the green light to return as soon as the WGA ratifies a new contract with the studios, so they’ll most likely be back the second week of October.

Late Night Talk Shows

The late-night talk shows, including The Late Night with Seth Meyers and Jimmy Kimmel Live!, operate by the same rules so it’s safe to expect they’ll be back by early October, as well.

Scripted TV Shows

The WGA strike might be over, but scripted TV shows will still have to deal with the lack of on-screen talent due to the SAG-AFTRA strike unless they have an interim agreement in place.

Sketch Comedy Shows

The future of sketch comedy shows, such as Saturday Night Live, is also uncertain because several of its cast members are outspoken supporters of the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike. It’s also likely that SNL will have to rely on non-acting hosts once it’s back.