“Young Sheldon” Just Gave a Special Nod to “Big Bang Theory”

Iain Armitage in "Young Sheldon"

The Big Bang Theory spin-off series Young Sheldon just gave an adorable not to the original show.

The spin-off sees a young Sheldon Cooper (Iain Armitage) navigating life as a genius child prodigy growing up in a religious household. The show explores his relationship with his parents and follows Sheldon’s journey to becoming the grown-up Sheldon we came to know and love on The Big Bang Theory.

Recently, the show featured a cameo from Kaley Cuoco. In the latest episode “Pasadena,” the show beautifully foreshadowed where Sheldon will end up in a decade’s time.

In the episode, Sheldon’s father takes him to see a talk by his hero Stephen Hawking. The talk is taking place at the California Institute of Technology, which is the university where Sheldon ends up researching theoretical physics.

When the pair are walking around the campus, Sheldon says: “Imagine all the stimulating conversations that go on at these tables.” He later says: “I can see myself going here one day.”

The camera then pans out to see that Sheldon and his father are standing in the cafeteria of Caltech, where grown-up Sheldon had lunch with Leonard, Howard and Raj season after season in The Big Bang Theory. And it was adorable.