Your Guide To 2020 “Love Island” Lingo

Are you watching Love Island UK this year? If so, then welcome to the club. If you are new to the party, you might be unfamiliar with some of the Love Island lingo. Here’s the lowdown.


Grafting is how fit people in the island villa flirt with each other. Friendly conversation with the hopes of coupling up = grafting.

Example: “I’ve been grafting all day, and I’m getting nothing back.”

“It Is What It Is”

Aw, she doesn’t like you like that? There are two new boys in the villa? It is what it is. Get used to this phrase, because it will be said a lot.

Example: “She likes Connor. It is what it is.”


Have you been rejected, dumped, or traded in for a more chiseled model? If any of the above apply, then you’ve been pied.

Example: “Nas just got pied off again.”


Do not be fooled. A “connection” is not like what ordinary people form over several dates. It is something that has to be formed in an instant. Otherwise don’t bother grafting.

Example: “We have a connection. I’m going to couple up with him.”

Head’s Been Turned

This is what happens when you decide you actually find someone else in the villa more attractive than your current partner.

Example: “Callum is great but my head’s been turned.”

Eggs In One Basket

If you decide to be loyal to one person and not have your head turned, this is not called healthy commitment. It is called putting your eggs in one basket.

Example: “The new girl is obviously fit, but I have all my eggs in one basket.”